Children’s Ark Academy is family owned and operated with over two decades of serving families by caring and educating infants, preschoolers, and school-aged children in the Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and Roswell area.  As you drive into the parking lot of our Christian daycare center and as you enter into the over 10,000 sq. ft. school through the covered walkway, you will feel like you just walked into someone’s home…it’s so much more comfortable than your traditional church daycare or private preschool!  We have created a home-like, loving, safe, and secure environment with two security doors protecting your loved ones in our Christian preschool and daycare center.

Children’s Ark Academy is set back from the street on 2.4 acres with three very quiet age-appropriate playgrounds with artificial turf for our infants and preschoolers.  Our outdoor Art Barn, garden, bike track, wooden play structure, and swings clearly provide an environment of passion for outdoor play and creativity.

Children’s Ark Academy believes that a child’s preschool years are the most important for a child’s growth and development.  In order to make those brain connections called synapses, we believe that nurturing, supporting, and providing a rich learning environment will allow each child to experience and learn about the world around them.  The Faith based Pinnacle curriculum uses Garner’s theory of multiple intelligences to differentiate instruction and create an environment that promotes learning. Each child possesses a spectrum of intelligence that is combined and used in personal ways and by creating an environment that supports the way each child learns those brain connections can be made to their fullest potential.  Each child comes into life with curiosity, wonder, spontaneity, vitality and many other characteristics of a joyous being.  They have vivid imaginations, creative minds, and sensitive personalities which we embrace while they are in our care.

Children’s Ark Academy also believes in adding the most important component in life and learning by teaching children the value of God’s word and as we teach them God’s promises and how to apply them our daily lives.

Children’s Ark Academy is a year round facility so when school is out our Summer Camp session begins.  Summer camp consists of VBS, exciting field trips, and many in-house fun and educational activities.






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