We are committed to nurturing the whole child socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually. We incorporate the use of a faith-based curriculum here at our Christian daycare and private preschool center.

The Pinnacle faith-based curriculum is a research-based early childhood curriculum, designed with both teachers and students in mind. Based on the works of Piaget, Gardner, and Erikson, Pinnacle uses lessons that engage children in developmentally appropriate activities that adhere to NAEYC guidelines. Pinnacle uses lesson plan guides, activity enrichments, and long-range goals linked to key standards.

Your toddler will learn things like basic language arts, numbers, colors, and Bible lessons. Beginning with the 2 and 3 year level, they learn vowel and consonant sounds and recognition of lower and upper case letters. By Pre-K they will learn to blend phonic sounds, pronounce one and two vowel words and read sight words throughout many books. In addition to writing skills they, develop language & listening skills that include color words, shapes, animals, transportation, countries, community helpers, health, safety, manners, and science. Pinnacle curriculum gives us the opportunity to fully prepare your child for kindergarten. Children work on projects that expand their creativity and imagination, learning letters, phonics, science, and counting numbers.

Our goal at our Christian preschool is to honor God in everything we do and teach the children about God. We do this by including Bible stories, verses, songs, and prayers in our everyday activities. These activities are provided in a safe, loving and nurturing environment. The children are assessed twice a year in the fall/spring, we use an assessment preschool observation checklist and evaluation tool.

  • Research-based curriculum
  • Bible Lessons
  • Sign Language
  • Spanish as a second language
  • Learning Centers to differentiate instruction using multiple intelligence- Linguistic (Language), Spacial (Art) , Logical (Math),  Bodily Kinesthetic (Block and Outdoor), Musical, Naturalist (Science), Logical Interpersonal (Dramatic Play) , and Intrapersonal (Quiet Areas)

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