Facebook can be divisive with people. Some people absolutely love it and would never think of using anything else to keep track of friends. Others have come and gone, trying it out for a while and abandoning it when the next social media platform came along.

No matter your relationship with Facebook, we’d like to invite you to join our page so that you can enjoy the Children’s Ark Academy experience even more. Here are a few of the reasons you should stop by our Christian preschool’s Facebook page.

Reminders of Hours

There are some posts we make that are pretty obvious…you’re probably very aware of what day Christmas is! But what you might not remember is what our hours are around the holidays. We try to post it in as many places as possible, and sometimes simply checking the Facebook page is easier than tracking down the latest email we sent you.

Seeing What Other Classes Are Doing

We have many different rooms and classes at our Christian care, front infant through pre-K. And while your child is sure to have fun in that particular class, there’s a lot of other stuff happening throughout the school that they — and you — might not get to see unless you take a look at our Facebook page. We have a lot of fun here at Children’s Ark Academy, and we love to show it off on our page!

Reminders of Field Trips

We know how chaotic life can be, and sometimes “that fun field trip coming up in a couple of months” suddenly becomes “that fun field trip that’s tomorrow.” Even if you know something is coming up soon, it’s good to have reminders that you can check every day.

More Pictures of Your Kids!

Speaking of field trips, parents aren’t generally around for the fun away-from-school times we have. But the kids are laughing and having fun, and they’re having experiences that they’ll want to share with you.

One of the easiest ways to connect with your kids after a field trip or preschool activities is to look at the pictures of what they did. Just visit our Facebook page so that they can share their memories with you!

Check Out The Reviews

If you haven’t decided which Christian preschool you’d like to send your child to, Facebook is a great place to check out reviews. You’ll be able to find out exactly what people are saying about our early childhood education center, including what they like and any suggestions they have for us. We’re quite proud of our high rating on both Facebook and on Google, and we’re confident that what you read will help you make the right decision on which church-based preschool to choose.

Join Today!

Do you want to be even more involved with your kid’s life? Click here to join our Facebook page for fun reminders and pictures!