1. 4 Reasons to Choose A Christian Preschool

    There are many reasons why you might choose Children’s Ark Academy as the right place to take your children each day, and we’re sure we’ll detail all of those reasons in future blogs! But before you even decide which preschool to choose, there’s another decision to make: should you take your…Read More

  2. After School Programs and Summer Camps At Children’s Ark Academy

    While we have a great time with the kids who attend our daycare center, we also know that there are times when older kids are in need of care when school isn’t in session. We know that not every parent can be there to pick up their child every day from school, and that weird school schedules can m…Read More

  3. Teaching Children About Dental Health

    It’s never too soon to teach your children about the importance of good oral health and get them in to a routine that will carry them throughout their lives. While some children will take to the task at hand easily and without much fuss, everyone learns differently and may take a little extra coax…Read More