You won’t be surprised to know that the most common time that we get new students is at the beginning of the school year, either in August of September. After all, parents are sending their school-age children back to school, and it’s also the time when they are most likely to send their younger children to a preschool or daycare. Not only that, but August is the most common month for children to be born; six weeks later they can enter daycare.

But those two months are far from the only time that parents bring their child to our Christian preschool. The time around New Years is also very popular. Let’s take a look at why.

New Years Already Signifies Change

New Years is a popular time to make changes in so many people’s lives. They resolve to do things differently than they’ve done before, hence the resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier, or quit a bad habit.

Many people use this time of renewed energy to finally change the daycare center that they aren’t quite happy with. Maybe they’re not happy with the staff, or the child just isn’t interested in going. We’d love to give those people a tour!

Maybe We Fit Your Budget Better

While businesses are more likely to work on their budget that starts at the beginning of the calendar, the new year is also a time when some families are looking for a way to spend less money. Perhaps they’re paying more than they should be for a Montessori school, or their current preschool or daycare center decided to raise its prices with the new years. Either way, we’re more than happy to discuss prices with anyone who’s interested in our Christian preschool programs.

Maybe Christmas Inspired You

Some people can go to church at Easter and Christmas and never really hear the message. In fact, some people can go to church every week and miss it as well. But there are times when people really do have a religious experience thanks to Christmas services, whether it’s because of the sermon, the music, or God simply reaching down and opening their minds.

When someone has a particularly good Christmas experience, they might come out of it thinking that it’s time to start sending their child to a Christian daycare center, one where God is a part of every day. If that happens to you, we hope you’ll consider us.

Young Kids Mimic Older Kids

If you’ve been considering switching daycare centers, the beginning of the new year makes sense if you have school-age children. Many of those children will experience a change in classes when they head back to school, so you daycare- or preschool-age child won’t mind the change so much if you can point to the older siblings who are doing the same.

Younger Kids

If you’re currently at a secular school, it’s very likely that they’re being taught adequately when it comes to the ABC and 2+2 basics. But if they’re not being taught about Jesus, they’re missing out. If you think it’s time for your kids to learn the basics of the faith every day, consider moving them to a Christian preschool as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for a new child care center for your child (or children), now is a great time of year. Set up an appointment to take a tour today!