With Christmas just a few weeks away, stuff gets exciting around our Christian preschool! After all, Easter and Christmas are traditionally viewed as the two most important holidays on any church calendar, and we’re happy to remind the kids in our care about the importance of this holiday season. How are we different from your average preschool? Let’s find out.

We Can Decorate

For the average preschool, most decorations change with the four basic seasons. Even if we don’t get much snow around here, there are still going to be the snow decorations on the walls and hanging from the ceiling. But in most daycare centers, it’s all about the seasons.

Here at Children’s Ark Academy, we love the seasons too, but when it comes to winter we can make it all about Christmas. Instead of just snowflakes and snowmen, we can decorate the room with nativity scenes. Sometimes the kids are making the decorations themselves, because we can also do all of the Christmas-themed crafts we want!

We Can Play the Music

Frosty, Rudolph, Santa…sure, they’re popular, but are they really what Christmas is about? At our Christian preschool, we play all of the Christmas music we want to remind kids about the most important parts of Christmas.

We Can Teach

For many kids in non-Christian early childhood education, the time around the holidays simply represents a time when they have big meals and get lots of presents. Most don’t go to church at all, while some might be confused by the Christmas message they hear because they only hear it once a year.

We love working at a Christian daycare because we can teach kids all about what Christmas is all about. We can include Jesus as much as we want, reinforcing the fact that He truly is the reason for the season.

We Don’t Have To Second-Guess Our Greetings

We understand why someone might second-guess saying “Merry Christmas” during the season. After all, our wonderful country is made up of many different cultures, and if we worked retail we’d try to be understanding that not everyone celebrates the same holidays.

But by working in a Christian preschool and daycare center, we don’t even have to make that decision! We can say Merry Christmas and know that it will be welcomed by everyone who brings their kids every day. We might also say Happy Holidays, because we certainly want you to enjoy not only Christmas but also advent, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day (hello Canadian expats!), New Years, and any other festivities you might experience.

When Christmas rolls around, we do everything we can do guide kids toward the origins of the holiday. We think it’s important to remind them that while the presents and the food are certainly nice parts of the coming weeks (especially when it involves being surrounded by loving people), there are particular reasons we celebrate in the first place. If you’d like your child to be surrounded daily by reminders of the true meaning of Christmas, contact Children’s Ark Academy today.