As you are searching for the best daycare available for your child, there are many factors you have to take into consideration. You’re trusting your child to someone for many hours every day, and you want to make sure that they are receiving the best care available. Here are some of the questions you’ll have to ask yourself when you’re looking for daycare or preschool.

Is It Christian?

If you are a Christian, we think it’s important that you seek out a Christian preschool (even if it isn’t ours). These are formidable years for your children, and what they learn at infant care and preschool can influence them for a lifetime. It’s important that your child is hearing kind words of God’s love every day, and that they are surrounded by posters on the wall that remind them of the proper way to treat others.

You might find a daycare center that’s closer to you, but we really hope you’ll pick Christian childcare for you child’s sake. And speaking of proximity…

Is It Close?

We can’t deny that location can play a big part in deciding which private preschool people send their kids to. Being on the south side of Alpharetta, it doesn’t make much sense for people from the north end of the city to drive all the way down here. If we’re too far away from you, we’d love to help you find a Christian daycare or preschool that’s closer to you.

There are exceptions, of course. Some of our customers are simply big fans of our and are willing to drive a bit further out of the way in order to experience our kindness and childcare skills. Of course, the most common reason that people choose a preschool program that’s far away from their home is if it’s closer to their work. Those who work at Centennial High School have found that dropping their kids off at Children’s Ark Academy is a great option.

Is It Relaxing?

Take a look at this satellite image of Children’s Ark Academy. Our early childhood education center is on a quiet road, surrounded by trees, and near peaceful neighborhoods. There’s not a lot of traffic noise that the kids will have to experience when they’re playing outdoors. We’re on 2.4 acres and set back from the street, and the surrounding trees further create an idyllic setting. Kids love it here, and we believe that peacefulness helps to facilitate learning. Schedule a visit to see just how peaceful it truly is!

Is The Daycare Center Liked?

Hearing directly from customers is a great way to find out just how good a business truly is. We’re happy to say that we have excellent reviews because those who trust us with their children see that we truly have the kids’ best interest in mind.

When you answer these questions, we hope you’ll discover that Children’s Ark Academy is the right Christian daycare for you. Be sure to give us a call with any questions you might have!