While we believe our Christian preschool to be the best around for kids, we’re not saying that we couldn’t be even better. One of the ways in which we make sure we improve is by listening to those who have entrusted us with their children. The parents and guardians have written reviews for our daycare and preschool, letting us know what they like and don’t like. Today we’re going to take a look at a few more reviews and what people are saying about our Christian child care.

“From the moment we stepped through the door, we have loved everything about this school. The teachers are excellent, and we are constantly amazed by their ability to teach young children with such success, as we all know toddlers have short attention spans! The atmosphere is warm and caring, and the peace of Christ emanates from this school. An excellent option for early childhood education.”

— Rebecca Gaston

Thanks for writing in, Rebecca. We’re glad you were able to feel such comfort from the moment you walked through the door. Of course, the look and feel of our Christian daycare and preschool don’t stop there, as we’re sure you’ve found out in your time with us. Our entire facility is geared toward making children feel as comfortable as possible throughout the day, no matter where in the school they might be.

Of course, our top priority isn’t to the school or to the decorations; it’s to the students themselves. We’re so happy that you noticed how well our teachers work with the kids, no matter how young the children are. Children’s Ark Academy is a learning environment first and foremost; learning about God, learning about socialization, and, of course, learning the basics of what they’ll need to know to do their best in their next level of schooling.

And speaking of learning about God, that’s a primary goal. And it’s not just about learning about Noah’s Ark and the Garden of Eden. It’s about learning about how the Bible points to Jesus and the ways in which He wants us to love one another.

“This is by far the best group of people! I have 3 children that attend and I am very blessed to have them all in such great hands. Every day you are welcomed with a warm smile. The teachers truly love their work and love the kids! They have goals for each child to meet to challenge them. My kids love the prayers that are sung at lunch time!!!! We have adopted it as part of our nightly prayer. I am so happy with Childrens Ark Academy!!!! They have been such a blessing to my family!!!! Thanks guys!”

— Megan Bradley

Thank you so much for letting us take care of your children, Megan! We’re sure that deciding to send the first of the three kids was a tough decision, with so much research to be done among Christian and church daycares. But once that went well, we’re so glad that we established a trusting relationship so that you’d bring your next two children to us as well.

Do you know why we greet each child with a warm smile every day? Because we’re so happy they’re here! We come to love the unique nature of each child we take care of, and are always going to follow Christ’s example of showing love to each kid.

Finally, we’re glad you mentioned that the sung prayers that happen at our Christian child care center have made their way into your home. It just goes to show that the teachings a child learns can have a very positive influence on the entire family. “Out of the mouths of babes,” as the old saying goes!

We’re here to form a partnership with parents in order to bring children up in a God-centered way. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about their experiences with Children’s Ark Academy!