While we have a great time with the kids who attend our daycare center, we also know that there are times when older kids are in need of care when school isn’t in session. We know that not every parent can be there to pick up their child every day from school, and that weird school schedules can make days off a scramble to find someone to watch over the kids.

That’s where Children’s Ark Academy comes in. When kids aren’t in school, there’s a good chance that we’re open to watch over them, help them with homework, and maybe teach them a thing or two about Biblical principles!

After School Programs

After school programs can be a great alternative to most other options out there, especially when compared to the prospect of leaving kids alone at home. Children’s Ark Academy isn’t just after school care, though. We’re don’t just give kids a place to be; we’re also helping them with any homework they might be bringing with them. That means that the homework is often done by the time you come to pick them up, leading to an overall more pleasant and worry-free evening for the whole family!

Of course, it’s not just math, reading, and science homework that we can help with. We also have other ways that they can decompress from a long day at school, special programs that kids absolutely love! These include The Science Wiz, Cooking Class, Media Center, Storyteller, and Bible Study and Music.

Speaking of the Bible, it’s always a good idea to remember that Children’s Ark Academy is a Christian environment. There’s always some Christian element that finds it’s way into our after school care of your child, ensuring that they get a good balance of Christian education even if they are in a public school.

Summer Camp

With most school systems providing 175 school days a year (considering weekends, summer break, holidays, and breaks), that means that kids are actually in school for less than half of the year! No wonder there’s a need for daily Christian summer camps like we offer here at Children’s Ark.

School-age children will have a caring place to go on days off, whether it’s a holiday, teacher’s work day, or for the entire summer. But just because they start off at our facility doesn’t mean they’re going to stay there! Children will be treated to many fun activities throughout the Alpharetta area, including bowling, swimming, museums, roller skating, and more. And the best part is that they’ll be watched over by our excellent staff to ensure that everyone is safe throughout the experiences!

Of course, not everyone who needs care during the summer is going to be in school yet, and that’s why we offer a preschool summer camp program. Preschoolers will be staying at our academy and are treated to a wide array of fun activities, including cooking projects, bounce houses, magic shows, plays, and so much more. It’s something they’ll be clamoring for ever morning and raving about every night.

As you can see, Children’s Ark Academy is so much more than daycare and preschool. Our after school programs and Christian summer camps are a great way to make the most of their time away from school. Contact us about these programs today!