1. Church Daycare and Christian Daycare: What’s the Difference?

    _ When people in the Alpharetta area are looking for religious upbringing for their children at an early childhood education center, they’re most likely using one of two phrases when typing into a search engine: church daycare near me or Christian daycare near me. Some people will use these interc…Read More

  2. How Our Christian Daycare Center Stimulates the Senses

      Childhood is a wonderful time of life. It’s filled with the greatest mental and physical growth a child will ever experience, and that’s why it’s so important that a child is in an environment that ensures they are receiving proper input for all of their senses. And because our Christian da…Read More

  3. Myths and Misconceptions About Christian Preschools

    There are myths and misconceptions about just about every type of schooling out there. There are misconceptions about middle school teachers who just don’t care, when the vast majority of them really do care and put up with lesser pay in order to teach the next generation. There’s the myth that …Read More

  4. What Parents Think Of Our Christian Preschool in Alpharetta

      There are so many reasons that parents choose to send their children to our Christian preschool, and they go well beyond the safety measures we’ve implemented at our early childhood education center. For obvious reasons, parents are looking for the best place to leave their child during the day…Read More

  5. What’s the Safety Level at our Christian Preschool?

      If you’re interested in sending your child to a Christian preschool, it’s likely that you’re familiar with the Christian idea that we live in a sin-filled world. We have a statue of a lion and a lamb getting along nicely, but we know that that’s not the way the world is right now. While …Read More